Chasing Ice Volcanoes
Samuel J. Ciurca, Jr.
Rochester, New York
ABOVE: The mouth of an Ice Volcano. During the previous week, slight warming caused the lake to overwhelm the volcanoes along the shoreline. Thin icicles formed around the mouth of this volcano and the surrounding snow melted and fused upon cooling to below freezing temperatures. What a wonderful sight. Series of photos taken Sunday, February 20, 2005. BELOW: Circles of ice floating in Lake Ontario just past the icy shoreline. Each is like a little 'atol' with a 'lagoon' inside.
   The edge, where it drops off into the lake, is like a rocky shoreline - the rock being ice. All of a sudden, everything near the shoreline stopped as these structures were being frozen in place. There is so much going on that it is hard to describe.
LEFT: Lake Ontario in the background with an Ice Volcano to the left. In front of the volcano is a darker-colored mass of frozen ice. During the previous week, waters from the lake, laden with sand and clay, flowed over the previous lake- shore deposits and settled out only to be frozen again into this lumpy mass of ice.
   The variety of ice formations along the shore- line seems to be endless. I hope to bring even more fascinating photos to viewers, if that is possible, during the current Ice Volcano Season.
   This is turning out to be a fun project - and it has to be finished before the lake becomes too warm. Joe and I will be out again to see what happened to the structures shown here.
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