Ice Volcanoes
Samuel J. Ciurca, Jr., Rochester, New York
West of Hamlin
Beach State Park
on Lake Ontario,
New York
The photo at left is of an Ice Volcano ('The Nostril'), and is a structure that form along the shores of Lake Ontario during the Winter when snow and ice are modified by wind and wave action. Ice Volcanoes are an interesting photographic sub- ject and I have included several photos on these pages, all taken on February 13, 2005.
   On the day the photographs were taken, the waters of the lake were relatively calm.
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ABOVE: Closeup of a weathered cone exposing part of the internal structure. Recent fresh snow covers the left side. BELOW: A great view of Lake Ontario, ice floating on the gentle waves, and a weathered cone with Joe LaRussa within for scale. We do not recommend walking out onto the ice. Thin crusts form easily and one never knows what lies beneath. This is part of a field study to doc- ument many of the Ice Volcanoes we found during the 2005 season.