Ice Volcanoes 2
Samuel J. Ciurca, Jr., Rochester, New York
A few photos from the February 2004 season of Ice Volcanoes along the South shore of Lake Ontario, west of Hamlin Beach State Park. Each weather system that encounters the shoreline, modifies the structures so that photos are unique. Check out the other Ice Volcano pages on this website.
West of Hamlin
Beach State Park
on Lake Ontario,
New York
ABOVE: Looking west. Note ice flows in the lake. Sheets of ice are broken off when it is a little warmer and are floated off into the lake.
RIGHT: A wonderful cone never to be seen again. Melting during the day produces a glaze of ice during the following cold night. A storm seems to be brewing in the background.
LEFT: A view eastward along the shore of Lake Ontario. Note the blocks of ice floating in the lake and the coating of ice covering the shoreline deposits.
BELOW: Ice Volcanoes. Sky is now blue, but the waters have churned up the lake-bottom sediments and have turned the waters a muddy brown. Activity will resume when the next storm approaches.
RIGHT: General view looking north at Lake Ontario west of Hamlin Beach State Park. Note the small Ice Volcano in the right background. It was one of the only erupting vol- canoes we observed on this day. A selection of photos will be found on the other pages, "Ice Volcanoes." Click the next button, below.
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