Ice Volcanoes 6  Samuel J. Ciurca, Jr., Rochester, New York
February 20, 2005 NEW SERIES OF PHOTOS taken in late afternoon. During the past week, there must have been lots of erosion of the series of Ice Volcanoes photographed a week ago. Note the enormous blocks of ice disloged and now forming a cliff edge to the lake waters below. Coloration is due to sand and muddy lake waters that were thrown up and over these structures and that refroze on their descent down the backsides of the Ice Volcanoes.
I shot this photo late in the day. An extinct volcano is in the foreground covered with an iceflow from lake waters that continually sprayed the cone during the previous week. The color is due to incor- porated sand testifying to the violence of the waves that churned up the lake bottom. Joe LaRussa is walking behind, heading for the distorted mouth of a very large structure. Note the ice stalactites hanging in the opening. Several inches of snow will cover this complex tonight - this is the end, awaiting another beginning.
I am so excited by the current  project that I feel I must share more photos with viewers - a small collection compared to the number of photos taken. Only 2 weekend Sundays were used to take the photos, and Joe LaRussa and I are eager to get back for at least a third visit to not only see what happens to what we have already photographed, but to try to capture the volcanoes while they are erupting.
   Take a look at the photo to the right. After viewing these 6 pages of Ice Volcanoes, and your interest maintained, take a look at still more photos by clicking on the photo or the link below. I am calling the new section
"Chasing the Ice Volcanoes." What a fascinating topic.....
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